American Airlines Web Site Removes AAdvantage Earnings Information

by Marc Cain     

Recently, within the last few days has removed the AAdvantage earning information for trips booked on their website.  For some reason American has always made this information hard to find and only available at the end of the ticket purchase process.  Unlike United Airlines and others who make it extremely easy to determine the ticket class before purchasing American has chosen to hide this information.  I can’t understand what business reason they have for doing this.

For frequent flyers the mileage earning potential is as important as the time, route, and price of the flight.  American also does the hard sell on their AAdvantage program – so I am at a loss to understand why they purposefully hide this information.  If you have been on an American flight recently you have been painfully forced to sit through a 15 minute infomercial and hard sell on their Barclay’s Aviator card (honestly one of the worst cards I have in my wallet).  They push the AAdvantage program but hide the details.

I’ll stop short of calling this a deceptive business practice – but it really isn’t a very honest way to do business.

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