Air Passenger Rights

by Marc Cain     

Knowing your rights as an Air Passenger and  what you are entitled to when flights are cancelled or delayed can mean the difference between a nightmare trip and an inconvenienced trip.  Flights cancel and are delayed – it is just part of traveling.  Spending 12 hours sleeping in an airport is never fun – and I have done it enough times to know.  But was that delay or cancellation really due to weather?

Weather has become the airline industries catch all excuse – because they take no responsibility when that happens.

Smarter Traveler has posted a nice cheat sheet for air passenger rights on different airlines.  It is worth printing this out and carrying it when traveling.

It never hurts to get friendly with the gate agents or flight attendants to see if you can get a little information out of them.  As much as I suffer from Air Rage – I have learned that getting mad at them doesn’t buy you anything.  A little smile in their overworked day will many times get you a lot.  Here are several links to help you determine the real cause of your flight delay or cancellation:

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