Worn Out Airplane Power Outlets

by Marc Cain     

You are running on empty – down to single digits of battery life hoping you will have enough when you land to still request an Uber.  You would also love to power that laptop and get a few final slides done on that presentation.

I always make sure my flights have power outlets, but what I am finding more and more is an outlet that is so old it won’t stay plugged in unless you hold it the whole time.  That was my last 10 flights.

I found a solution that seems to work 9 out of 10 time – my Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.  Most of the worn out outlets are for the U.S. standard plug – it has been used so many time it’s just lost its grip.  I started putting the adapter plug for either the UK or South America on my charger and the plug has held every time.  The power outlets on the plane are designed to work with at least 3-4 of the worlds different plugs.  I just chose one that isn’t getting that much use on U.S. domestic flights.



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