Flight Miles App Updated

For those trying to earn the last minute EQM, MQM, and PQM the app Flight Miles is a simple little tool that can help you plan and optimize the best routes to squeeze out those last few need miles to hit your status.  The app supports American, Delta, and United Frequent flyer programs.  Easily search by city code or airport.  Enter your current elite status and ticket fare code along with the ticket price to determine your elite... Read More

by Marc CainNovember 9, 2016     

Why I fly half way around the world for the weekend!

The strange looks I get from friends about my weekend plans is enough to know that people don’t get the whole mileage run concept. Yes, I fly all the way to Hong Kong and back on a 3 day weekend, and yes I choose to go through DFW instead of the non-stop, and yes I actually look forward to it. The best part was that it had only cost me about $9.  I had opened a Chase Sapphire... Read More

by Marc CainMay 15, 2016     

Earn those miles

This blog was created by hobbyists and business travelers with the frequent traveler in mind.  We have no paid advertising on our site and we are not sponsored by anyone.  It just our own honest jaded opinions.  No Agenda except to share some of the tricks a secrets we have learned over the years. Right now their are two voices  on this site.  Marc, a 25 year road warrior veteran, and Chris, one of the entitled millennials working... Read More

by Marc CainMay 8, 2016     

Mileage Run Istanbul: American Airlines 14,234 EQMs for $928

While not the best EQMs for the buck, IST was certainly a bucket list destination.  But for a few extra dollars why not enjoy the run.  It also gave us a chance to stay at our sister club, the Soho Istanbul. The routing chosen for this trip was designed to maximize EQMs on American. The following options from Chicago were available: ORD – IST  the non-stop on Turkish Air = 10,982 RT miles and 0 EQMs on American.... Read More

by Marc CainApril 27, 2016