LATAM First Class Upgrade

Over the Christmas holiday I flew a domestic flight on LATAM Brazil from Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro.  The flight was very full and upon checkin I discovered my seats had been moved from row 40 to row 2.  Not being very familiar with LATAM equipment I quickly checked my Seat Guru app to see if this had landed me in first class (the board pass was still saying Y class).  In fact Seat Guru was showing this... Read More

by Marc CainDecember 30, 2017     

Elite Status Match On United

Shorty after American Airlines announced the huge devaluation of their frequent flyer program I made the decision that keeping all my eggs (miles) in one basket wasn’t going to provide any real benefit in the future. Maybe I was just feeling a little rejected after showing all my loyalty to American.  In any case I decided to explore other programs via their status matching programs. Being based in Chicago and traveling more than 250,000 miles a year my next... Read More

by Marc CainSeptember 6, 2016     

American Airlines Flight 996 A lagoon of raw sewage

Sunday night’s American Airlines flight 996 from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Dallas (DFW) turned into a horror show when the lavatories on the aging 777 completely backed up.  About 7 hours into the flight passengers first noticed the lavatories backing up.  Within minutes raw sewage was flowing down the isles into business and first class, eventually making its way into all cabins.  Passengers described the scene as a “lagoon of raw sewage” on the entire plane. Flight attendants gathered up... Read More

by Marc Cain     

American Airlines Guts the AAdvantage Program

From the best elite mileage program to the least valuable program in less that 6 months.  That has to be a new record.  With American’s announcement of upcoming changes to their Advantage Program there is a strong response from fellow flyers.  And it’s not good!  The blogs are all buzzing and the vitriolic comments are pretty strong.  American has a lot of loyal customers really unhappy.  Here are a few of the policies that changed this week: Starting August... Read More

by Marc CainJune 8, 2016     

British Airlines First Class Lounge LHR

There are few things I enjoy more after getting off an 8 hour flight than a nice hot shower and a great glass of scotch.  BA’s First Class Lounge provided both.  And in amazing style.  I was so bummed on the return trip when they wouldn’t let me go over to terminal 5 to use the lounge because I was flying out of terminal 3. Champagne bars, JW Blue Label Scotch, a cute little buffet, and friendly staff... Read More

by Marc CainApril 26, 2016