Earn those miles

by Marc Cain     

This blog was created by hobbyists and business travelers with the frequent traveler in mind.  We have no paid advertising on our site and we are not sponsored by anyone.  It just our own honest jaded opinions.  No Agenda except to share some of the tricks a secrets we have learned over the years.

Right now their are two voices  on this site.  Marc, a 25 year road warrior veteran, and Chris, one of the entitled millennials working his way up the airline status ladder.  Both of us fly over 100K miles a year (I am approaching over 250K a year). Between us you can hear about our experience earning elite status each year,  redeeming awards miles, credit card spending for miles, and fun mileage runs.

Hopefully you’ll find our experiences worth the read and maybe learn a few new tricks along the way.  We love your comments and are glad to field any questions you may have.



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