Flight Miles App Updated

by Marc Cain     

For those trying to earn the last minute EQM, MQM, and PQM the app Flight Miles is a simple little tool that can help you plan and optimize the best routes to squeeze out those last few need miles to hit your status.  The app supports American, Delta, and United Frequent flyer programs.  Easily search by city code or airport.  Enter your current elite status and ticket fare code along with the ticket price to determine your elite miles, status and class bonuses, and award miles.

Unfortunately, recent changes to the American Airlines web site have removed all flight detail about miles earning until you are at the payment page.  This can make planning those year end mileage runs a little more time consuming.

Flightmil.es has recently been updated to support the drastic changes to the American Airlines Advantage Program.  This includes the new tier of Platinum Pro.

You can also find the app at Flightmil.es or just search the Apple App store and look for the Flight Miles icon.

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