LATAM First Class Upgrade

by Marc Cain     

Over the Christmas holiday I flew a domestic flight on LATAM Brazil from Fortaleza to Rio de Janeiro.  The flight was very full and upon checkin I discovered my seats had been moved from row 40 to row 2.  Not being very familiar with LATAM equipment I quickly checked my Seat Guru app to see if this had landed me in first class (the board pass was still saying Y class).  In fact Seat Guru was showing this was one of their international 767 and I was sitting in first.  Another time my Executive Platinum status on American paid off on their One World Partners.

Upon boarding I was surprised to see how spacious their first class was.  Plenty of leg room and nicely spaced out 2-2-2.  While it didn’t have the sparkly of the new American Business First or the United Polaris seats – they still were very nice and I surely wasn’t complaining about the free upgrade.

But the seats were where First Class ended for my trip.  As an upgrade passenger you are not afforded the amenities of First Class.  It was 6:30 Am so I didn’t notice at first that I wasn’t offered a beverage upon boarding, but as we were taxing I noticed that the flight attendant was picking up the champagne glasses from the passengers across the isle.  After take off the flight attendants were busy bringing drinks to the family of 8 that occupied the right side of first class.  I was excited to see food coming out to them as I was starving.  Shortly after that the attendants disappeared to deliver drinks in coach.

A flight attendant with a cart made his way from coach to our seats and handed me a ham and cheese sandwich wrapped in paper – the coach snack.  While trying to navigate the language barrier it was explained to me that I was a coach passenger – not a first class passenger regardless of where I was sitting.  I pointed out that the pilots family who were pass riding were receiving the first class amenities and was told that it was a different situation.  This is the first upgrade I have received in the millions of miles I have flown that this has happened.

In any case LATAM thank you for the seat upgrade – it made the 3 1/2 hour flight a lot nicer.


LATAM First Class Seats on the 767

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