American Airlines Flight 996 A lagoon of raw sewage

by Marc Cain     

Sunday night’s American Airlines flight 996 from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Dallas (DFW) turned into a horror show when the lavatories on the aging 777 completely backed up.  About 7 hours into the flight passengers first noticed the lavatories backing up.  Within minutes raw sewage was flowing down the isles into business and first class, eventually making its way into all cabins.  Passengers described the scene as a “lagoon of raw sewage” on the entire plane.

Flight attendants gathered up all of the blankets and pillows to try and plug the entrances to the lavatories, however raw sewage managed to completely soak the carpets and cabins.  Passengers were told the lavatories were closed and not to leave their seats for the last 2 hours of the flight.

Passengers were forced to exit the plane via 2L walking directly through the crime scene.   Many were seen in the concourse throwing their shoes and carryon luggage in the trash cans because they were soaked in raw sewage.  Unfortunately AA didn’t do a very good job of handling the incident.  Passengers were promised that the flight would be met by AA representatives to assist passengers, however the plane was met by 3 gate agents who had no idea what happened and had no interest or ability to assist the passengers.  Reports from several Executive Platinum passengers describe the staff in the admirals club as almost hostile refusing to even document the incident in their records.

The flight started out on a bad note after one passenger vomited all over herself during the taxi to the runway causing the flight to return gate for clean up.  This caused an hours and a half departure delay.

According to Flight Radar 24 the 16 year old aircraft was put back in service and sent to Frankfurt later that afternoon at 15:45.    One passenger was completely disgusted to learn this stating there was no way that plane could have been cleaned properly.  The Plane used for AA996 – N786AN – had been previously out of service since 9/1/2016 before this flight.  I guess the take away lesson is never store your bags under your seat of take your shoes off.  Yuk!

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